Case Study: iSelect Realty

Case Study – Website



iSelect Realty Group is a real estate agency that specializes in helping clients sell and rent properties in western Sydney. With a team of experienced agents, they provide personalized services to meet the unique needs of each client.


iSelect Realty Group had an outdated website that did not effectively showcase its brand or provide an optimal user experience. The website lacked a consistent visual identity and did not offer a smooth user journey from search to lead generation.


iSelect Realty Group approached LWD to revamp their website and enhance their online presence. LWD developed a custom website for iSelect Realty Group with a modern design that was consistent with their brand image. The website had an improved user interface and journey, making it easier for clients to search and find properties, view property details and schedule appointments with agents. A custom-built contact form and lead generation system were also included to help the client track and manage their leads effectively.


After the website revamp, iSelect Realty Group saw a significant improvement in their online presence and lead generation efforts. The new website helped to refine their brand consistency and provided a professional and polished look to their online presence. Within the first six months of launching the new website, iSelect Realty Group saw a 67% increase in website traffic, and their lead generation efforts improved by 45%. Additionally, the website received positive feedback from clients who appreciated the enhanced user experience and ease of navigation.


The website revamp undertaken by LWD helped iSelect Realty Group improve their online presence and generate more leads. The new website design and improved user experience helped to refine the brand consistency and showcase the professional services provided by the agency. By partnering with LWD, iSelect Realty Group was able to deliver a high-quality online experience for their clients, which led to an increase in leads and ultimately more business.

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Creative Director

Luke Webster .

Luke is the founder and creative director of LWD Studio. He has spent over a decade in the Design and Marketing sectors working with both large and small businesses, helping to showcase his client’s brands in the best possible light.