Case Study: SRHD

Case Study – Photography & Videography


Client: SR House of Design (SRHD)

Service provided: Architecture Photography and Videography

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SR House of Design is a high-end architecture firm specializing in luxury properties in Sydney’s exclusive suburbs. They approached LWD to help them showcase one of their most prestigious projects, the ‘St Malo’ property in Hunters Hill. SRHD wanted to highlight the architecturally designed elements of the property and create content for their visual portfolio for potential clients.


LWD worked with the SRHD team to execute the photo and video shoot for the ‘St Malo’ property. Our experienced photographers and videographers captured over 60 high-quality images that showcased the intricate architectural design elements of the property.

We also created a professional-grade architecture walkthrough video that highlighted the unique design features of the property, such as the custom facade, high-end finishes, and the stunning architectural elements throughout the home.


The final product was stunning visual pieces that showcased the ‘St Malo’ property in all its glory. The photography and video content created by LWD helped SRHD in their marketing efforts and showcased the level of detail and experience SRHD brings to the table. The video walkthrough of the property received positive feedback from the client and was featured on SRHD’s website and social media channels.

Overall, the collaboration between LWD and SRHD resulted in a successful project that showcased the property’s unique architectural design elements and helped the client in their marketing efforts.

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Creative Director

Luke Webster .

Luke is the founder and creative director of LWD Studio. He has spent over a decade in the Design and Marketing sectors working with both large and small businesses, helping to showcase his client’s brands in the best possible light.